Accessibility in Ontarian Post-Secondary Institutions

We are investigating the underlying systems at play for accessibility accommodations in higher education. We are applying a grounded theory approach as we participatorily map out networks of access (official and grassroots) in the academic environment. We hope to illuminate where the system is breaking down and identify ways students with disabilities could better be served at scholarly institutions.

Design Equity Toolkits

I am critiquing the way that equity in design is approached through toolkits, card decks, and quick guides. I have conducted a thematic analysis of key toolkits using Nancy Fraser's pillars of justice (Fraser, 2008; Petterson, 2023 Forthcoming) and shown toolkits do not fulfill requirements for equity. I am now conducting workshops with activists, designers and students to formulate future approaches to equity in design.

Severe Weather Events and Visually Impaired Persons

Supported by a 2022 SSHRC grant, we are working with the blind and visually impaired community in Ontario to understand communication barriers during severe weather events. We are conducting interviews using Counter-Story Telling methods. We will use our results to present actionables to community organizations and government bodies to improve communication of severe weather to visually impaired and blind people.


Design Justice Network — Facilitator

I run discussion and reading groups for members of the Design Justice Network in Toronto. We meet biweekly and engage with novel works on justice in design and organizing. Our group is multi-disciplinary across academia and industry.

Accessibility Committee - Doctoral Student Association

I am a founder and member of the Accessibility Committee for our faculty's Doctoral Student Association. We work with faculty, staff and administration to advance accessibility issues at the school, and serve as a resource for doctoral students facing access barriers in their work.